About Us

A & S Tyres & Exhausts – the best tyres and exhaust specialists in Port Talbot.

If you are looking for top-quality car tyres Port Talbot, you are at the right place. At our core, we are a dedicated group of specialists who love working around vehicles.

Every individual at our workstation specialises in a specific skill set, bringing something unique to the table. Together, we strive to fulfil our resolution of catering to our customers’ requirements within minimum turnaround time.

    We are equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing us to offer an exceptional range of services for our customers. We also heavily invest in training our workforce in the idea that they are the ones who have to deliver our promises day in day out.

    Our principles

    One of the main reasons we have been a reliable tyre shop Port Talbot and car servicing garage Port Talbot is our heavy focus on customer requirements. Our steady growth is based on our core values, i.e., transparency, efficiency, and dedication.

    We take special care to make sure that our tyre fitters first acquaint themselves with the car owner and then inspect the vehicle. We believe this is a crucial step because we notice that several issues result from neglect. Understanding the owner’s driving behaviour helps us find the appropriate approach to vehicle issues.

    For any queries, you can give us a call on 01639 769999.

    Our values

    Our business is established on three pillars, which are the following:

  • To keep providing prompt and efficient services and reduce TAT as much as possible.
  • Maintain a sizeable inventory encompassing products at various budgets from renowned brands.
  • To be thoroughly transparent in all our dealings. We understand that our business thrives on mutual trust.
  • There’s one more pillar in the making: priority. We do not believe that there is anything called a ‘minor service’ that can wait. So, we treat all requirements put forth by our customers on a priority basis, irrespective of how small or large the work is. We believe that we can keep climbing the ladders of success through a combination of professionalism, honesty, and perseverance.

    Our future plans

    We do not believe in setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. Instead, we believe in steady growth and plan to spread our operations in more surrounding regions.Our critical aspirations for the next decade can be summed up as follows:

  • We wish to expand our sales and service portfolio substantially. For this, we intend to scour the market and procure the latest equipment available in the market.
  • We understand that electric vehicles are the future and wish to establish a dedicated space to serve the EV and hybrid car market.
  • Reach us!

    A&S Tyres & Exhausts can guarantee that your online searches for ‘tyres near me’ ends here. We even sell a wide range of tyres online, so you can use your car registration number/tyre size details to make a purchase and schedule a fitting appointment at your convenience.

    Else, you can visit us with every major and minor vehicle issue at Station Rd, Briton Ferry, Port Talbot SA11 2SU.

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