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Alloy wheels have become widely popular in the UK market due to its stylistic properties and the aesthetic appeal that it adds to a vehicle's look. However, since alloy wheels are made of non-ferrous metals like aluminium and magnesium, they are more susceptible to impact damages like dents, chipped rims, scuffs, scratches, missing chunks etc., causing the need for frequent replacements, which proves to be expensive.

Therefore, if you want a suitable alternative to replacing your vehicle's wheels, alloy wheel welding Port Talbot is your best option. However, the process of welding wheels is extremely intricate and to achieve accurate results; you must avail of assistance only from a professional garage like A & S Tyres & Exhaust. We offer a comprehensive inspection of your car’s damaged wheels and follow a unique and technologically advanced process that guarantees long-lasting results.

    All about our wheel welding service

    Here is a quick overview of the entire welding process of alloy wheel Port Talbot that our experts follow;

    Step 1

    Our experts will thoroughly inspect the damaged area to understand the nature of the damage. In most cases, cracks are accompanied by buckles; if this is the case, our experts will repair it first before proceeding to other issues.

    Step 2

    Our experts will painstakingly clean all the dirt, and grime stuck on the wheel's damaged part to locate any scratch or laceration that it may have sustained. Often our experts cut and shape the damaged section to open up the crack or split for thorough cleaning.

    Step 3

    The damaged sections of the alloy wheels Port Talbot are then welded using technologically advanced equipment. This equipment minimises the heat transfer to the alloys to a large extent while also providing a substantial fuse.

    Step 4

    Once the welding process is completed, the region is sanded by grit, painted and polished to match the original colour and design. Any additional rectification, if required, will also be provided to bring out the best aesthetic appeal.

    Therefore, put an end to your search for a wheel welding garage near me and visit us.

    With years of experience in the field, we have formulated a detailed procedure that most garages fail to offer. Furthermore, professional wheel welding technicians must be certified in use of advanced welding equipment as even a slightest in-efficiency can lead to severe damages to the wheels. In our case you have nothing to worry about.

    Please note: in some rare cases, alloy wheels can sustain severe damage which cannot be repaired. In such a scenario, we can also offer efficient alloy wheel replacements with O.E. equipment that will ensure maximum safety. We have many different designs available.

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