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Alloy wheels are the most commonly used aftermarket products for cars in the UK and certainly offer your vehicle an aesthetic appeal. However, since these wheels are not made of hard metals, they are susceptible to easy impact damages and can create the need for more frequent replacements, which can prove hard on the budget.

The best alternative to save money is to restore an alloy wheel's aesthetic beauty by availing of a comprehensive alloy wheel repair Port Talbot. At A & S Tyres & Exhausts, we offer an ingeniously designed alloy wheel repair service with efficient techniques and cutting-edge devices that eliminate any need for alloy wheel replacement. Furthermore, our charges are extremely reasonable and will help you save a great deal on your overall expenditure.

    3 most common alloy wheel damage

  • Dent damage
  • When your car hits a speed bumper or other objects on the road at a high speed, it often creates large dents on its alloy wheels, affecting the overall look and can also impact its steering stability.

  • Kerb damage
  • Often when you drive too close to pavements or misjudge during parking, your car scrapes the kerb edge, causing a scratch, scuff or chipped rim. Though kerb damage does not cause car handling issues; however, it certainly jeopardises your car's aesthetic beauty and needs to be rectified.

  • Damage due to wear and tear
  • Often clients do not use the right-sized alloy wheels, which the manufacturer recommends. This causes increased wear and tear and also has an adverse impact on driving.

    How do we repair alloy wheels?

    Irrespective of the damage your car's wheel has sustained, we will restore it back to its original shape with a comprehensive service of alloy wheel repair Port Talbot. We largely follow two techniques which are:

    Wheel repairs

    The process involves removing all dust and grimes that stick to the alloy wheels' external parts carefully. Next, we wash the wheel and keep the tyre masked during the entire process. Now, if there are any scratches or indentation that becomes evident, we will sand the affected area and apply fillers on it and finally end the process by spraying high quality paint and ensure to match the colour with the rest of the wheel.


    This is a slightly more complicated technique and includes 3 operative processes, which are:

  • Powder coating: Powder coating is the process of applying lacquer and paint plus a wet spray to restore the alloy wheel to its original beauty.
  • Diamond cutting: Diamond cutting is almost similar to powder coating, but here we use a special CNC lathe to remove the microsection of metal from the wheel and then apply a lacquer that offers it a sharper and shinier look.
  • Cosmetic repair: Cosmetic repair is basically a localised repair on a small damaged section. We treat the damaged alloy wheel part and colour-match it to the surrounding unaffected area to restore back its look.
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