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Are you looking for Exhaust Services for your vehicle?

Did you know that about 7% of vehicles in the UK fail the MOT due to a faulty exhaust?

Therefore, to ensure your car meets all recommended road safety and environmental standards as per Euro V regulations and maintains its roadworthiness, a routine inspection of your car's exhaust Port Talbot is a must.

Here at A & S Tyres & Exhausts, we offer you a comprehensive exhaust repair and replacement services using the latest machinery available. Hence, if you have been searching for reliable “exhaust servicing near me” in Port Talbot, come to us without any delay.


Why is a routine check of a car's exhaust system important?

Your vehicle's exhaust system is responsible for the engine's optimal functioning and offers a safe cabin atmosphere. It performs some crucial tasks like:

  • Your car's exhaust system drives away the toxic by-product gases (like nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, etc.) from the controlled combustion inside the engine and ensures it performs without any lag.
  • It prevents the toxic gases from passing into the cabin and therefore reduces the risk of health issues.
  • It also filters and purifies the gases from the harmful elements before releasing them into the environment to ensure your vehicle maintains eco-friendly standards.

Therefore, routine exhaust servicing is crucial to ensure your car's engine life is not jeopardised and you enjoy a safe driving experience.

What are the warning signs of a faulty exhaust?

If your car's exhaust has sustained some damage, it will show up some distinct warning signs like:

  • Reduced fuel economy

A malfunctioning exhaust impairs an engine's performance by a large extent. Your car's engine will require burning more fuel to perform adequately and, therefore, will offer extremely poor mileage.

  • A strong stench of toxic gases

Since a faulty exhaust system fails to filter and channel away from the harmful gases properly, you will experience a strong stench of noxious gases in the cabin. If it is so, avail of an exhaust repair service City on an urgent basis.

  • Engine misfires

A clogged catalytic converter fails to channelize the harmful gases away from the engine through the tailpipe adequately. This often leads to engine misfire and can adversely affect your driving experience.

    Excessive noise

Do you hear a strong banging sound from beneath the vehicle? This can be caused by a damaged muffler, cracked pipes or leaking manifold gasket. You must not delay such cases and immediately visit a garage to replace the damaged components.

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We offer comprehensive checks of all essential exhaust components like:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Muffler
  • Tailpipes etc., to detect the crux of the issue.

Since it is technically impossible to repair an entire exhaust system, we will replace the damaged component with O.E. equipment after talking to you and giving you an accurate estimate, so you can make an informed decision.

Please note we stock exhaust sub-parts of various kinds. Therefore, irrespective of your car segment, you can come to us for replacing the faulty exhaust part without giving a second thought.

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