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4 Key Features To Look For In A Trustworthy Car Garage

Finding a trustworthy car garage can be a stressful proposition, especially if you don’t have much mechanical knowledge yourself. How can you tell the difference between a trustworthy garage and one that is looking to take advantage of your trust?

Read on for 4 key features to look for in a trustworthy car garage

mechanic working on engine

Does The Car Garage Have A Warranty?

It is vital that you make sure that all repairs and parts used in your car are guaranteed under a warranty. If a car garage is unwilling to guarantee their confidence in their work and the parts they use, then why should you be confident in them either?

When approaching a new car garage, always ask them about their warranty policy. Never settle for a firm handshake.

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Is Your Car Garage Accredited And Certified?

Always make sure that the mechanics at a car garage are properly certified and accredited. The first step in doing is to check if the garage can perform MOTs. In order for a garage to legally perform MOTs, they must be certified by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. Avoid any garage without this certification; if a garage cannot legally speak to your car’s health, how can you expect them to maintain it.

The second step is to check what specific organisations have certified and accredited the garage’s mechanics. Aside from needing the DVSA to Mots, a car garage is not legally required to hold any qualifications or certification in order to operate. But, just as you would only trust a doctor with a medical licence, you should only trust mechanics who are formally qualified in their field.

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How Open Are They Answering Questions?

A car garage that answers questions in a straightforward and open manner is one that you can trust. It means both that they understand their field of expertise and that they are not trying to scam you with jargon-heavy double speak. Make sure that you ask your mechanic what they are doing and why.

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Does The Car Garage Allow You To See Your Old Parts?

Asking to see your old parts is a must when having car parts replaced. One of the biggest concerns that drivers have is that they will be charged unnecessary and expensive fees to drive up the price. A garage that allows you to see and claim your old parts is one that will not push for unneeded replacements.

If you are worried that a car garage that you patronised has replaced a part without needing to, contact us today for a consultation. Our expert mechanics will tell you all about the part’s actual condition and whether it needed to be removed.

mechanic working on engine

Contact A&S Today For Professional Vehicle Servicing In Neath Port Talbot

Whether you are looking to schedule an MOT or are looking for professional, competitively priced repairs, we are here to help. We are accredited, certified, and fully open to answering any questions you might have. We even allow you to see and claim any old parts that we have swapped out while working on your vehicle. Get in touch with A&S today for trustworthy and reliable services.

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