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Are you looking for Brake Replacement for your vehicle?


Our experts recommend a routine brake inspection at our reliable brake servicing garage Port Talbot to ensure your driving safety. This will help ensure that all the essential parts of your car's braking system are functioning optimally and help detect any underlying issue that may prove harmful in the long run.

Our workshop, A & S Tyres & Exhausts, is highly sought-after in and around Port Talbot for our efficient and affordable brake inspection and replacement. Further, our charges are extremely reasonable and can help you save a great deal.

When should you opt for brake replacement Port Talbot?

Ideally, a vehicle's brake pads can last up to 55,000-60,000 miles. However, several factors like braking behaviour, overloading of vehicles, frequently driving on mud and slush, loss of hydraulic brake fluids, etc., can impair the braking system of your car and lead to early brake replacements Port Talbot.

Therefore, you must watch out for the warning signs of malfunctioning brakes, like:

  • Soft brake pedal

If you feel no resistance while pressing the brake pedal, it is a clear sign that the brake fluid has fallen below the optimal level and must be immediately checked.

  • Vehicle drifting to one side while applying the brakes

In case your car drifts towards one direction while you apply the brakes, it indicates that the brake callipers are damaged.You must immediately address the issue at our brake repairing garage Port Talbot to conduct all necessary checks and replacements.

  • Squealing noises while braking

If you hear an unusual squealing noise while applying the brakes, it is a sign that your car's brake pads are possibly damaged. You must visit us at the earliest to get it inspected and avail of an affordable brake pad replacement Port Talbot to avoid safety issues.

  • Vibrating brake pedal

If you feel odd vibrations on your car's brake pedal, it indicates that the rotors have sustained some damage. If it is so, you need to get it replaced on an urgent basis.

Why us?

At our facility, our experts will thoroughly inspect all the essential components of your car's braking system to identify the crux of the issue and then decide the best course of action.

Some of the parts include:

  • Brake pads
  • Brake booster
  • Master cylinder
  • Wheel speed sensors
  • Brake
  • Callipers, etc.

Further, we also stock genuine OE-grade spares of various makes and models and can effectively cater to any vehicle segment's brake replacement needs.

Therefore, search no further for a “brake repairing garage near me” and schedule your appointment with us.

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