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At A & S Tyres & Exhausts, we specialise in catalytic converter cleaning Port Talbot. Feel free to get in touch with us if you come across any issue with your vehicle’s catalytic converter.

When is a catalytic converter cleaning needed?

Here are some warning signs that your car’s “cat” requires a professional cleaning service:

  • Poor acceleration: Regardless of whether you drive a petrol or a diesel vehicle, you will be left dissatisfied with the acceleration. It is a clear indicator of clogging of your car’s catalytic converter. Also, it might signal that the converter has suffered damage due to the high temperatures it has to sustain.

      If you experience poor acceleration, do not hesitate to call us and book an appointment. The problem will be solved easily if a catalytic converter cleaning Port Talbot is carried out on time.

    • The ‘check engine’ light comes on: One of the primary triggers that bring this warning light to life is a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Most cars manufactured after 1996 have on-board diagnostics which can measure the air-fuel ratio using sensors. If this ratio is too high or too low, the warning light comes on in real-time.
    • With our advanced diagnostics equipment we can carry out the relevant checks.

      So, don’t waste valuable time searching for ‘catalytic converter cleaning me’. Visit us as soon as you can, and we will take care of the problem at hand.

    • Your car fails an MOT: Should this happen, you will be issued a VT-30 certificate detailing all the problems that led to a failure. The best thing you can do in such a case is to get a catalytic converter cleaning Port Talbot done before taking the vehicle back to the MOT station for a partial re-test.
    • If you do not get the catalytic converter cleaned on time, it may gradually cause a cascading effect that will affect other parts of your car.

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