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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle


If you own a vehicle that runs on diesel, a routine DPF Cleaning Port Talbot is strictly recommended to ensure reduced emission of harmful gases and improve the vehicle's roadworthiness in lines with the required MOT standards.

A DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is technologically designed to capture carbon residue, soot, fly ash, and oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen, which are emitted during the combustion process and therefore reduce the emission of harmful gases. However, there is a limited capacity beyond which all the carbon residues need to be burned to clean up the filter and prevent clogging.

    Hence, if you are facing some issues with your car's DPF, look no further and come to A & S Tyres & Exhausts without any delay. Our skilled experts will thoroughly inspect the DPF of your vehicle and adequately decide the right course of action. Furthermore, we are equipped with technologically advanced equipment and can efficiently regenerate your vehicle's clogged DPF to ensure it performs without any issues.

    Why is DPF cleaning necessary?

  • DPF cleaning Port Talbot helps to prevent accumulation of excess soot, which is harmful to your car's DPF and can damage it beyond repair.
  • Routine regeneration of DPF also ensures a vehicle's engine is in good shape and performs efficiently.
  • It also helps to reduce the emission of harmful gas and thereby adhere to the Euro V standards for improved environmental-friendliness.
  • What are the symptoms of a faulty DPF?

    Here are some distinct warning signs that your vehicle will show up if its DPF is clogged:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Black smoke from the tailpipe
  • Engine performance is reduced as the ignition process is affected by harmful fumes.
  • DPF warning is illuminated consistently on the dashboard.
  • Therefore, if you notice any of these symptoms, visit us at the earliest.

    We will use top quality equipment and follow one of the two DPF cleaning methods given below, depending upon the degree of clogging.

  • Active regeneration: This process involves injecting raw fuel into the diesel oxidisation catalyst (DOC), which removes all un-burnt soot by increasing the temperature inside the DPF.
  • Passive regeneration: This process involves heating up a car's engine by making it run at around 40 mph for over 20 minutes. This heats the filter to over 600C, which burns off the trapped soot and cleans the DPF.
  • Manual regeneration: If the DPF light illuminates on the vehicle dashboard, your car might need a forced and manual DPF cleaning. Our garage has certified technicians who can conduct the manual regeneration process for any car segment efficiently.
  • Therefore, search no further for DPF cleaning near me and schedule your appointment with us today by calling us on 01639 769999.

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