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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


A well-tuned suspension system is integral for enhanced handling and steering stability, especially on bumpy and uneven roads. A car suspension system is made up of several components, like springs, struts, shock absorbers, etc., that must function properly to absorb all impacts and ensure a comfortable driving experience.

Therefore, any performance issue with your car suspension system Port Talbot reduces stability and control over the vehicle.

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What leads to a malfunctioning suspension system?

  • Driving through potholes and on uneven roads.
  • Hitting a curb etc.
  • Over or under-inflated tyres.
  • Weathering or rusting of suspension components.
  • Incorrectly fitted or damaged wheels.

Why is a car suspension system important?

A properly functioning car suspension system Port Talbot ensures braking and steering abilities. Shock absorbers and struts prevent excessive bounce and acceleration squats on uneven roads or rough terrains.

A well-tuned suspension system also reduces tread wear and damage to other components. This makes routine suspension check-ups necessary to avoid issues while driving.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning suspension system

Issues with the car’s suspension system can affect your vehicle’s performance and driving safety significantly. In case of problems, the suspension system will show certain warning signals that you need to look out for. These include:

  • Uncomfortable and bumpy driving experience.
  • Uneven wear of tyre tread.
  • Drifting of the vehicle to a particular direction when turning.
  • Shock absorbers Port Talbot and struts are greasy.
  • Car nosedives when braking too hard.
  • One corner of the car sits lower than the others.
  • Difficulty while steering or cornering your vehicle.
  • Rolling and squatting of your vehicle.

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