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A & S Tyres & Exhaust is one of the few automobile garages in the area offering comprehensive engine cleaning services using the patented TerraClean Technology and advanced equipment at an extremely affordable price range. Therefore, if you have been looking for TerraClean services Port Talbot, look no further and come to us without delay.

All vehicle engines lead to a build-up of a carbon deposit in the combustion chambers, catalytic converters, exhaust ports, and lambda sensors, which negatively impact the engine's performance and jeopardises its efficiency. Therefore, proper maintenance and routine deep-cleaning is a must to avoid issues like reduced fuel efficiency, emission of harmful gas etc., which leads to a failure in MOT.

    What is TerraClean?

    TerraClean is an innovative Engine Decarbonising Service. This system requires patented equipment and advanced chemicals that are connected to the vehicle using superior quality OEM specific adaptors, which acts as a fuel supply and takes over a car's fuel tank and fuel pump with refined and non-harmful fuel, which cleans all deposited soots and carbon build-up from tough to clean vehicle parts.

    TerraClean not only cleans the carbon deposit from fuel injectors and carburettors, but it also de-carbonises parts like combustion chambers, exhaust valves, turbocharges, catalytic converter, valves, oxygen sensor etc. It is also used as a preventive measure for EGR, DPF as well as turbo-vane related problems.

    Benefits of TerraClean

    The benefits of TerraClean service Port Talbot:

  • Increases the lambda efficiency and ensures a smooth driving experience
  • Improves the engines performance and life span
  • Increases the car's fuel efficiency and reduce the average expenses on fuel.
  • Reduces the emission level and helps to abide by the Euro V norms etc.
  • Why us?

    Our specialised TerraClean technicians are trained professionals who possess extensive knowledge about engine diagnostics and can resolve any carbon-related problem without any hassle. Furthermore, we use an advanced TerraClean range of tools and equipment, which enables us to deep clean the engine and all other subparts efficiently to ensure optimal car performance.

    Therefore, look no further for TerraClean service near me and schedule an appointment with us today by calling on 01639 769999

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