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Following the tyre safety regulations mandated by the European Union in 2012, the UK Government made it a compulsory practice for all garages in the country to retail only EU-labelled tyres. This label relays crucial information about a tyre’s performance in terms of fuel efficiency, noise emission and wet grip performance. Thus, the EU tyre label will help you select only the best fit of tyres for your respective car model.

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Decoding the EU tyre label

If you lack understanding about tyre labelling, the following section will offer you a fair idea.

Wet grip

The wet grip performance of car tyres Port Talbot is estimated within a range of A to G. The stopping distance between each of these ratings differs by 2.5 meters. You must be careful about this rating while making your purchase.

Fuel efficiency

The EU tyre label estimates tyres' fuel efficiency within a range of A to G and has respective colour codes for each rating. An A-rated tyre with a "Green" colour code indicates the tyre offers excellent fuel efficiency. On the other hand, a G rated tyre with a "Red" colour code implies that the model fails to meet the required fuel efficiency standards.

Noise emission

The tyre label indicates noise emission with 3 sound wave bars. If a tyre has 1 bar, it indicates that its noise emission level meets the recommended standard of 3dB. On the other hand, if a tyre has 3 bars, it implies that the model has failed to meet the required noise emission standards.

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