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Your car's ideal tyre size is determined by the manufacturer after thorough research on several essential factors. Hence, it is imperative that when you buy tyres Port Talbot, you stick to the manufacturer-recommended size to enjoy an uncompromised driving experience.

However, in case you need more information on what the alphanumeric tyre size code means, we can help.


At A & S Tyres & Exhausts, our team of experts will first understand your driving requirements and then help you to choose the best fit of tyres for your car.

Understanding the tyre size meaning

The alphanumeric size code relays information regarding many important factors that you must know before buying tyres Port Talbot.

So, let us decode the tyre size meaning with the help of an example: 205/55 R16 91H.

  • Here, 205 represent the tyre width which is measured in millimetres.
  • Number 55 indicates the tyre's aspect ratio with respect to the sidewall and is expressed as a percentage.
  • Letter R indicates that this particular tyre has radial construction. The other types of tyre construction are diagonal-cross ply and bias belt, which are indicated by letters D and B, respectively.
  • Number 16 represents the rim diameter and is measured in inches.
  • Number 91 indicates the maximum load-carrying capacity of this tyre when it is fully inflated. This is also known as the load index.
  • Finally, the letter "H" represents the speed index of this tyre model, which is 130 mph.

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