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    Dunlop is an automotive tyre manufacturing company contributing to the industry for over a hundred years. They are known to incorporate their tyres with technologies like noise-shield and hybrid overlay. These contribute to their high demand among people searching for “tyres near me” in Port Talbot.

    A&S Tyres and Exhausts is a one-stop solution for Dunlop tyres Port Talbot. Our inventory houses tyres of all categories by this brand to cater to a broader clientele.

    But that’s not all!

    You can also buy Dunlop tyres Port Talbot online from us. Simply enter your car registration number and tyre index to view our catalogue. Moreover, if you do not have the time to visit us at Station Rd, Briton Ferry, Port Talbot SA11 2SU to get your tyres fitted, we will come to you.

    Popular categories of Dunlop car tyres Port Talbot

    Summer Tyres

    These tyres consist of a harder rubber compound, which ensures better traction and car control on dry and wet surfaces. Further, their shallow tread design provides optimal surface contact and better response.

    Best-seller: Sport Maxx Race 2

    Winter Tyres

    Dunlop winter tyres feature a deeper tread design and softer rubber compound to enable optimal braking distance and reduce aquaplaning risks. Moreover, high silica natural rubber blend also prevents the tyres from freezing under extreme temperatures.

    Best-seller: Winter Sport 5

    All-season Tyres

    If you are looking to save on seasonal tyre purchase and fitment expenses, Dunlop all-season car tyres Port Talbot are an ideal option. Their asymmetrical tread design and silica compound ensure an all-round performance throughout the year.

    Best-seller: SP Sport 7000 A/S

    Performance Tyres

    Installing performance tyres ensures an exhilarating performance at high speeds. These tyres deliver premium control and precision under demanding conditions.

    Best-seller: Sport Classic

    Other than these, we also have an extensive collection of 4x4 (SP Sport 270 RHD) and run-flat (SP Sport Maxx DSST ROF) tyres to meet different client requirements.

    If you have any query related to Dunlop tyres Port Talbot, you can have expert advice by calling us on 01639 769999.

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