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    Founded in 1900 Firestone is now one of the most popular tyre brands in the global automotive market. It is a Bridgestone subsidiary since 1988. This also adds to its manufacturing efficiency and present popularity.

    At A&S Tyres & Exhausts, we take great pride in our all-inclusive collection of Firestone tyres Port Talbot, available in different sizes.

    Purchase Firestone tyres from us– online and offline

    Get Firestone tyres Port Talbot with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. Enter your vehicle’s registration number or the tyre size you need to explore the options and take your pick. Also, you can opt for our mobile tyre-fitting services to get the new set of tyres delivered and fitted at a location of your convenience.

    The different types of Firestone tyres you will find at our service station are,

    4×4 Tyres

    These SUV tyres are incredibly durable and provide superlative traction on and off-road. Their tread patterns feature wide circumferential grooves that channel water from the tread to provide exceptional aquaplaning resistance. Some of Firestone’s finest 4×4 tyres are TRANSFORCEA/T, DESTINATIONLE2, and DESTINATIONA/T.

    Summer Tyres

    Firestone car tyres Port Talbot for summer are built with years of motorsport experience and involving the latest technology. These provide exceptional performance both on wet and dry roads without compromising on its steering efficiency. Their hard rubber compound is rich in silica, making them exceptionally durable in the summer heat. One of the highest selling summer tyres is the FIREHAWKINDY 500.

    Performance Tyres

    With asymmetric tread designs, these tyres can provide superior performance on all types of tarmacs. It has remarkable high-speed durability, and its large shoulder blocks provide immaculate cornering stability. One of Firestones’ most popular performance tyres in our garage is the Firehawk GTA-2.

    Winter Tyres

    Winter Firestone tyres Port Talbot are made with a soft rubber compound to ensure that these retain their flexibility even under temperatures below 7 degree Celsius. These feature tread designs with deep grooves, studs, and open shoulder slots, which provide outstanding grip on winter roads. They are 3-peak Mountain Snowflake certified, ensuring their superior performance in winter conditions. Some examples of Firestone winter tyres are the Winterforce 2 UV and the WINTERFORCECV.

    All-season Tyres

    All-season tyres are known for their durability, and one can drive some of these for a distance as long as 70,000 miles without wearing them out. They can easily replace season-specific variants (in areas without harsh climates) with their unique rubber compound and comprehensive tread designs. Some of our best-selling all season tyres are TRANSFORCEAT2, TRANSFORCEHT2, and FIREHAWKAS.

    We stock Firestone tyres Port Talbot with Run-flat technology as well. So, if you have been searching “tyres near me” lately, A&S Tyres & Exhausts is the result you were waiting for.

    To know more about our collection of tyres, please have a closer look at our website or call us today.

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